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Elementary School

School Kids
Learning is Fun


Students in New Horizons Academy are taught foundational concepts. Teachers teach to mastery; that is, if students do not understand a concept, the concept is re-taught until the child masters the concept. Lower School students receive instruction in basic keyboarding, Reading, Math, Writing, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, and Physical Education.


Middle School & High School

(GRADES 6-12)

The goal of New Horizons Academy is to prepare students for life after they leave the school environment. Whether it is moving on to a four-year college, a two-year college, a trade school, or into the realm of employment, New Horizons endeavors to fully prepare students for the outside world.

At the middle school level, students study English, language arts, math, social studies, and science within small class and customized education settings. Middle school specials (electives) include music and rock band, art, PE, and performing arts. 


At the high school level, advanced and modified academic tracks are offered. The Modified track is for students who need curriculum changed or modified in order to ensure their academic success. The Advanced track follows Clark County School District’s advanced diploma standards. That means students receive four years of Math instruction, three years of Science instruction, four years of Language Arts instruction, two years of Physical Education, a semester of Health, a semester of Computers, one year of Arts and Humanities instruction, and electives.

Among the electives offered, are Spanish I and Spanish II for students who need a foreign language to fulfill admittance requirements four-year college.


Students can also take advantage of Advanced Life Skills, Computer Application classes, Art, and Music.

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